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A Performance Inspired by the Life of Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo - one of the most fascinating and dazzling women in the history of art, a pop icon, a feminist icon, the most famous Mexican artist and known as much for her art as for her corsets. Extraordinary!

But: Why do her paintings leave such a strong impression on us? Where from comes the depth of her penetrating eyes?

And: Why did she feel lonely and unloved her entire life? From where did she get the strength for her work? Why didn't she find any balance in herself? Why did she choose that man? That man, which she portrays as Judas, the traitor,  and yet she still dedicated her most wonderful poems to him. Why did this happen?

The chekh-OFF players Ensemble, Berlin
Actress: Aitana Netzband
Director: Beatrice Scharmann
Advice on Set Design: Roy Spahn
Choreography: Bahar Meric Tangente company
Lightdesign: Lutz Lohmann
Soundcollage: Mareike Dobberthien | Mathias Hainke
Documentation: Mathias Hainke
Photos: Thomas Gruenholz
Illustration and lay-out: Livia von Seld

Kindly supported by Stiftung Pfefferwerk, Michael Tschechow Studio Berlin, Livia von Seld, Tanztangente, Annette Becker Technical Management HAU 1-3

Premiere September 15th, 2017 at 9pm
following dates September 16th and 17th at 9pm

Former women's prison, Lichterfelde
Soehtstr. 7, 12203 Berlin
Traffic links M11 Holbeinstr | M85 Baekestr. | S1 Lichterfelde-West, Walking distance is 10 minutes
Tickets 030 / 6175773 or
Price € 15,- | € 10,-