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chekh-OFF players Berlin Truffle Pig (2011)
by Kristo Šagor

The Caravan of Saskias deceased Granny is a lonesome hiding place. Saskia, 18, grown up in simple conditions, keeps Rike, 15 there, a girl from the well-protected 'backseat-generation', in bonds captive. With the kidnapping, Saskia wants to blackmail Rikes father, in order that he withdraws his notifications of her criminal boyfriend. But - nothing happens. No reactions on the call. Nobody misses both of them.

In a first time, both girl quarrel and stalk each other. Their Bodies, dreams and philosophies crash together in the narrow caravan. Offender and victim approach slowly. Out of coldness comes warmth, disillusion becomes yearning. Nevertheless they have to admit, that the society around them doesn't really bristle up with warmth. So they set out.

chekh-OFF players Berlin

Performers: Ulrike Kuehn, Sophia Riepe
Stage direction: Beatrice Scharmann
Décor and costume: Michael Zimmermann
Assistance: Simone Kreska
Light management: Michael Duck

7th May 2011
Kultur Foerderverein e.V. Lelkendorf
Schloss Lelkendorf nearby Guestrow