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chekh-OFF players Berlin The Tempest - der Sturm

starts with a sailing boat fighting against an incredible storm. On board there are a group of Italian noblemen: Alonso, the King of Naples, his brother, Sebastian and his son, Ferdinand.
The crew tries for dear life to save the ship. Despite the wishes of the royalty, the ship sinks and they all must abandon it. The scene has not gone observed.
Near by there is an island, which cannot be found on any map, where some humans are living: Prospero, the rightful duke of Milan and his daughter, Miranda. It becomes apparent that the storm is not a real storm, but has been created by Prospero's magical powers with the aid of his sylph, Ariel. They both have evoked this illusion.
Because of the tempest lovers find each other, drunken fellows fool about and a net of intrigue is spun around the Island.

The Tempest of Shakespeare creates outer and inner images of the manner and behavior of human beings at the outbreak of a crises: stability and fragility of authority and hierarchy, rebellion and order and the human dependency on the forces of nature and invisible powers.

Cast Jule Borgmeier, Mareike Dobberthien, Caitriona Ni Threasaigh, Sophia Riepe, Magdalena Scharler, Clara Schoeller
Set design Michael Zimmermann
Costumes Oliver Opara
Production assistance Jennifer Friese
Lighting design Galina Schroeder
Video Mathias Hainke
Photography Thomas Gruenholz
Lay-out Livia von Seld

director and producer Beatrice Scharmann

opening night 5 Sept @ 7pm
further performances 6 Sept @ 5pm | 11. and 12. Sept @ 7pm

performances for pupils 8 | 9 | 10 Sept @ 9:30am
KFL-Halle Lelkendorf, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

by train Berlin - Teterow

Ticket Reservation: 039956/20014

admission charge: 15,- € / Students 6,- €

Livia von Seld   Michael Tschechow Studio Berlin

Stiftung Edith Maryon

chekh-OFF players Berlin

fund by Forum Kreuzberg Foerderverein e.V., Ostseesparkasse, LAG Mecklenburg