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Repertoire    Blind Spot

chekh-OFF players Berlin Blind Spot (2012)
Soheil Emanuel Boroumand

The play „Blind Spot” is based on recollections (audio tape recordings) of a German Soldier who was stationed as a dentist during Wartime, between 1942-45 in Lazarettos in France, Russia and Lithuania. The semi-fictional character named „Unknown” approaches the partly dreadful experiences of this time and digs himself slowly onto a blind spot, which could long be kept hidden within his sub consciousness.
Questions about acceptance of one's own guilt and one's own responsibility are the centre point.
The aim of the Unknown is to find as many ways as possible to get away from this responsibility.
The theme of the monologue is the form of communication a human choses to confide inner processes, the own guilt, the own failure.
Why does a man records all his memories of the War on a tape shortly before he dies, without ever having shared them with his own children or his grand-children?
Why does he record them many times in succession, but always with the same formulations? What does the failing of such a figure have in common with the failure of our communication nowadays, in which the Internet and the cell phone represents the basis of nearby every human relation?
What has it got to do with the ceaseless growing inability to communicate „really” together and not only „virtually”?
The searching of the point, where all the prefabricated forms of communication, which represent a protective wall, break together and nothing stays but a deep buried and untreated wound.

Actor: Soheil Boroumand
Director: Beatrice Scharmann

Studio performance
9th Novembre 2011, at the Michael Tschechow Studio Berlin

The First Release
25th February 2012, at the 100-Grad Theaterfestival Berlin