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Nathan (untitled) (September 2014)
Eight variations of G. E. Lessings
„Nathan the Wise” from Christian Lollike


Can Christians, Jews and Muslims reconcile through common humaneness? This question already preoccupied Gottfried Ephraim Lessing in 1779, where he tried to give an answer with his play 'Nathan the Wise'.
In this play, which stands for a vision of religions reconciliation, Nathan has returned back from Babylon and attempts untiringly to teach Christians, Jews and Muslims not to be lead by religious and cultural differences. He succeeds to bring representatives of all religions together and to hand the hope on brotherliness, religious tolerance and unprejudiced love to posterity. Yet how do we deal nowadays with this ideal?

With his play Nathan (untitled) Christian Lollike imagines Lessing's drama further, in purpose to narrate on charity, mercy and tolerance towards all strangers. Through the point of view of our today's society, Nathan faces in eight variations different touchstones and is challenged on his humanistic ideals. Do we dare to believe in Nathan`s commandment of mutual tolerance? Do we have another possibility? The text shows in an explosive and forceful way the never ceasing doubting as well as the questioning, death and suffering, that makes life to what it is.

Actors: Julia Borgmeier, Mareike Dobberthien, Patrick Kramer, Valentin Bartzsch
Stage direction: Beatrice Scharmann
Scene: Michael Zimmermann
Costumes: Oliver Opara
Light management: Malwine Kurella
Press and video: Mathias Hainke
Layout: Livia von Seld
Photo: Thomas Gruenholz

Saturday 6th September 2014 in the KFL-Halle Lelkendorf. Mecklenburg- Vorpommern,

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9th -11th and 16th. - 18th. January 2015, theaterForum Kreuzberg, Eisenbahnstr. 21 10997 Berlin
Ticket Reservation: 030 - 700 71 710

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