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chekh-OFF players Berlin Urfaust (2012)
by Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Faust is in strife with himself. He has devoted his life to Science, although he can't make head or tail of it. Tormented by the senselessness of life, he enters into a fatal pact with the evil. When Faust meets Gretchen, he becomes fascinated of her beauty and pureness, of her intuitive wisdom. While Faust burns out of passion, Gretchen falls in love with him. In a cunning way, Mephistopheles brings both together. His game is devilish, that it can't come to a good end.

Goethe's play 'Urfaust' is a typical work of the 'Sturm und Drang' epoch, bursting with youthful power, pointed and with humour, which Beatrice Scharmann's production plays with: Tree men play the roles in change, which emphasizes the comedian character of the play.

Performers: Grian Duesberg, Jan Arne Looss and Mirko von Matthey
Stage direction: Beatrice Scharmann
Décor and Costume: Oliver Opara

14th September 2012, Schloss Lelkendorf nearby Guestrow - KFL Halle

another performances
2nd - 3rd May 2013, Treptopolis Kulturhaus Berlin