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chekh-OFF players Berlin

An osmotic interface

inspired by Oedoen von Horvath's mockery "Hin und Her" - "Back and Forth"

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Two countries, a bridge as no man's land, border guards, one expelled person and law being adhered to. Welcome to the absurdity of border traffic. Issues like xenophobia, home and forced emigration will be related to contemporary events with a sense of humour.

"The others" is such an issue. It is a treacherous term. We are inclined to feel safe using it, thinking that we would know what we ae talking about. However, it is an empty phrase we use to fill with our conceptions of the world as we see fit. We use it to define those who are not like us. But who should they be? The others! When we stay away from them, they remain the others. When we approach them, the otherness vanishes the further we move towards them. Although sometimes our own uneasiness can increase. Maybe even uneasiness about the fact that the others probably aren't so different from us after all.

"A passport is a small booklet filled with stamps and evidence of your existence. Losing your passport means, you cease to exist for the world. You aren't allowed in any country anymore. You are forced to leave one country and prevented from gaining access into another." Kinder aller Laender (All country's children) Irmgard Keun

Cast: Mareike Dobberthien, Hannah Prasse, Jan Gugel, August Safner
Director: Beatrice Scharmann
Costumes and Stage Design: Oliver Opara
Lighting: Gordon Dyballa
Trailer: DVOXAC
Documentation: Mathias Hainke
Photography: Thomas Gruenholz
Layout, Advertisement: Livia von Seld

KFL-Halle Lelkendorf, Schlossweg, 17168 Lelkendorf
Tickets: 0049 39956-20014

Premiere: September 10th, 2016 at 7pm, following dates September 11th at 5pm, September 16th, 17th at 7pm
School performances: September 13th to 15th aat 9.30am

Next performnaces:
Vorstellungen 20. - 23. April 2017 jeweils 20h

Soeht 7
ehm. Frauengefaengnis in Lichterfelde
Soehtstr 7, 12203 Berlin

Traffic links M11 Holbeinstr | M85 Baekestr. | S1 Lichterfelde-West 10Min. Fussweg
Tickets 030 / 6175773 oder
Price € 15,- | € 10,-

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chekh-OFF players Berlin

chekh-OFF players Berlin