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chekh-OFF players Berlin Nothing (2013)
Janne Teller

the play:
After Summer Holidays Pierre Anton proclaims his cognition and abandons his class 7A during the lessons, withdraws on a plum-tree and ill-treats his school pupils from then on alternating with ripe plums and insights about the complete senselessness of human existence. The class comes quicky to the agreement to prove him the opposite. They demand of everybody to give away something specially important: Ole the Boxing gloves, Hans his new racing bicycle, Hussein his prayer carpet, Frederik the Danish flag. The bigger the sacrifice the greater its importance. What starts harmlessly, threatens to escalate, when Sophie has to sacrifice her virginity and the Guitar-playing Jan-Johan his index ... A Spiral of Questions like „What has meaning?”,„What is important?”,„Where are the limits?”, arise and the path of becoming adult begins.

The exhibition
in connection with the play wirklich wichtig - very important
To deal with the subject of the play we got a few questions like- the spirit if life or what is for relevance for living, what is for me important ... with all this questions an idea was settle down to create an exhibition to this questions.
And so we were interviewed many people of different nationality, ages and culture back round. We get portraits about people who try find answers or show us there way how to live with this questions. The spectator and the listener get in a connection of inspiration, intimacy and tension.

Idea and realisation: Beatrice Scharmann, Livia von Seld
Performers: Ina-Lene Dinse, Mareike Doberthien, Benedict Badenius, Valentin Bartzsch, Michael Duckstein-Neumann
Director: Beatrice Scharmann
Stage set: Michael Zimmermann
Costumes: Oliver Opara
Stage lighting: Michael Duckstein-Neumann

14th September 2013, KFL-Halle - Kultur Foerderverein e.V. Lelkendorf

mixed up - 2014 - award for Art at the country side

MIXED UP Preistraeger 2014